Wednesday, September 30, 2009

After Preseason Day One: 9/29/09

After the first day of official action at training camp, here's a combination of excerpts from news reports and a few of my own thoughts for your consideration and response:

• KG participated in about three-quarters of the drills the first day and was pretty tired afterwards.  He seemed upbeat and went full-speed when he was in there, and he vigorously resisted when Doc took him out.

• Doc revealed that every player would miss an exhibition game or two and that KG's time would probably be limited throughout the exhibition season.  Strictly as a precaution.  I believe this is a luxury Doc has because of the depth of the team.

• Doc divided the team into three units for the first practice, and he spoke as though the two-unit system would be a given this season.  "I want the second unit to have their own identity," he said.  He indicated that the play of the second unit stuck out and that he's looking to that group to increase the lead when they're in games.  And KG made a point of mentioning that playing against the second unit was like playing against many starting teams.  Shades of the 60s.  The second unit beat the first unit a couple of times, as the starters may have been a bit challenged to readjust to having KG back.

• Doc was also "pleased with how little the second unit needed to be corrected."  He said, "Last year we sent half our practices starting and stopping and we had very few of those with the second unit (today), and that's huge for us."  And apparently the IQ of the second unit is considered way up there!

• It's looking like the starting unit will contain no surprises: Perk, KG, Pierce, Ray, Rondo.  With KG probably playing short minutes, at least early in the season, Baby will get minutes with the starters.

• The second unit (in the absence of Tony Allen, who did a few drills off to the side but did not participate in the practice) consisted of Sheed, Williams, Scal, Daniels and Eddie.

• When Baby wasn't filling in for KG, he usually spelled Williams (sometimes Scal) on the second team.  It's beginning to look as though, in the absence of Tony Allen, Scal may be one option to sub for Pierce while Daniels plays guard.  It won't shock me if another option is for Rondo to see minutes with the bench, as they go small with Eddie at SG and Daniels at SF.  It's not difficult to envision two options:

Against larger, slower benches: Sheed, Baby, Scal, Daniels, Eddie

Against smaller, faster benches: Sheed, Baby, Daniels, Eddie, Rondo

• Doc said Daniels and Eddie "have already figured out the rhythm of whoever has the ball, that's the point guard in our offense."  So it looks a bit like PG by committee for the second unit.

• On most teams (including the Lakers), the starters tend to be the game-changers and the bench represents the placeholders.  When the Celtics play the "elite" opponents, the situation could be reversed.  It could be that starters will be more likely to maintain pace with their enemy counterparts while the Celtics bench decisively outplays the opposition bench.

• The third team consisted of Williams, Sweetney, Walker, Giddens and Hudson.

• For those (including myself) who have been expecting that the addition of Daniels might lead to more fast-breaking, it's noteworthy that KG made the following comment about him: "He has that herky-jerky slow game like Paul Pierce."  The comment was made enthusiastically as an indication of how much 'Quis will help the bench.  But maybe we need to temper expectations about an upgraded transition game until we see some game action.

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beat said...


I read most ot the articles about practice yesterday also. I was surprised that Tony Allen is even working out, I was under the impression he would be out of service for a bit. I was dissapointed that there was no mention of Hudson from Doc that can be found, but then they have only practiced one day.

In checking the NBA - TV training camp series the C's are on this weekend (Saturday). They generally rerun the same thing multiple times over the course of 2 days so people will need to check as to when the C's are on. Denver was on yesterday and today, Lakers on on next 2 days I believe.

Here is the schedule from NBA-TV's site:

Sports NBA Real Training Camp Programming Schedule (all times ET)
Denver Nuggets Sept. 29 1 p.m. 8 p.m. Rick Kamla & Bill Hanzlik
L.A. Lakers Oct. 1 1 p.m. 6 p.m. Rick Kamla, Reggie Miller and James Worthy
Boston Celtics Oct. 3 6 p.m. Midnight (Oct. 4) Andre Aldridge & Cedric Maxwell
Washington Wizards Oct. 5 1 p.m. 10 p.m. Rick Kamla & Ronny Thompson
Atlanta Hawks Oct. 6 10 a.m. 5 p.m. Andre Aldridge & Eric Snow

With 15 signed players is it realistic to think there will be any moves or additional signings?

I think we have the team that baring injury we can expect to have until at least mid season. Whom is active at any one time might change from time to time.

Seems good to actually have balls going thru hoops. It's been a long dryspell with no hoops.

I have also noticed how slow the BDC board is. I know there has been little worthy of posting about and several key posters are on self imposed breaks. (except BobH) who is always being investigated. Wonder sometimes if BDC is affiliated with the CIA.

As you mentioned with 1200 "hits" to your blog, I would certainly hope there are a few that can not only join in but add a bit of substance too.

Hopefull a few more of the BDC regulars will find there way here too.

I think the your blog is a very good move and a welcome alternative to BDC.

I don't see this replacing game on threads but as other topics arise, this is ideal.

Keep up the good work,

Off Topic:
The Varsity basketball coach told Marcus there will be open gym on Monday at 7 PM and he would like him there.

I'm getting around a whole lot better and actually had a comfortable sleep for the first time since my accident.

Sam said...


I hope that's a good sign for Marcus. Now that he's beaten up his old man, let him work over some peers for a change. LOL. Glad you're feeling better.

As far as possible trades go, the likely trade bait would now be some combination of Scal, Walker, Giddens, Hudson and possibly a draft pick. (Tony would be included if he were in better health.) Aside from Scal, none has really shown what he might bring to either the Celtics or another team.

So my guess is that this will be the roster they'll play with until they get a better read on the value of each player. I expect Tony will become the 15th man (pending health improvement), and they'll use his 12th slot for selective "auditioning" of Walker and Giddens, if not Hudson.

Time will tell.


Rosalie said...

The fact that we heard nothing all summer about Tony Allen's recuperation makes it very clear what was going on..nothing. No one would trade for Allen because he is damaged goods, hurt more than healthy, and always doing some stupid thing to tick off his teammates. Unfortunately, I think Hudson is going to find his way to the D-league and hopefully learn the pro game. He seems to be able to handle the ball well, so he would be someone they could use. My thoughts turn to Walker and Giddens. What will become of them?
Are they here for window dressing?
Or will they make the team and not dress every night? No one seems to
be talking about them.

Sam said...


Tony's procedure obviously cast a shadow on his future this summer, which may help explain why the Pacers didn't want him in exchange for Daniels. Now Walker has gone to Boston for an MRI on his surgically repaired knee. It's not yet known how extensive the problem is, but it could be that he'll be out for at least a while.

Presumably both Tony and Walker will continue to occupy roster spaces (unless released). So we're down to either Giddens or Hudson to fill the 12th roster slot. That could create a very interesting side-issue of the training season...not a head-to-head battle, but a matter of which kid can offer more potential in an emergency backup role.

And whoever "loses" may well get a "vacation" up the coast.


robert said...

I can't speak for anybody else, but I've been to this site 869 times. Just kidding.

Interesting no mention of Mike Taylor, Tyronn Lue or any of the other hopefuls for the backup guard spot.

beat said...


Sam will put you under review.
Seems Walker is now iffy at best, where would we be if we had rolled the dice with Powe. Nothing against Leon at all but I will be very surprised if he plays any minutes expecially meaningful ones, with Cleveland even next spring.

Perhaps there might be room for someone else. (I know we have 15 under contract)

Time will tell. It always does.


David14 said...

Robert, I agree with you about the back up for Rondo. Given the amount of times he ends up bouncing off the floor and/or being bounced into the seats, it's pretty risky not to start thinking about a back up. It also seems to me that it would be wise to add a back-up for Perk. Given the fact that Howard and Shaq are in the East, the C's need to be concerned about foul trouble for Perk (hack a Shaq/Howard). In addition, the C's would be wise to pace Perk and save his shoulders!!

By the way, Sam made me sign an agreement after 850 "peeks" I had to agree to post on Sam's Site as my main site!!!! (Just return kidding). However, based on what I have read lately on BDC, including a "war of religions" and the war being raged against OP, I hope the good Celtic fans decide to support Sam's efforts on this site. It's nice to be in a place where one can post comments without being attacked,or baited into immature exchanges.

GYSO, come on back. We are starting to run into questions on salary structure and options!!!!

Rosalie said...

What is the deal with Walker? I certainly hope it is not a surgical procedure. I like this kid, he has alot of spunk.

So, the Celtics are going to be on the NBA Training Camp series. I was shocked today when I turned on the TV and there was Denver at practice.
Is this something new.

I find myself counting the days until the first pre-game. Basketball hungry, I guess. I love
the Patriots but b-ball is my favorite sport.

I am happy to hear the comments from team members about Daniels. Seems they are all happy he signed with the Celts. Seems quite basketball savvy. That second unit will really be fun to watch develop.

Sam said...

The problem with wanting to add players is that, given a full roster, players have to be "subtracted" to faciitate it. It's difficult to move injured players without eating their contracts (which is always a possibility).

I doubt they would trade Scal right now. He's already playing SF with the bench, while Daniels and Eddie are at the guards. Perhaps if Giddens shows somme "giddy-up" at the SG position, Daniels can spend a larger proportion of his time at backup "3," thereby making Scal and his contract available to move by midseason.

Hudson would have to be more than a raw prospect to warrant commanding a roster spot on another team at this point in the season. And why would they sign him only to release him shortly afterward?

Clearly, the roster "musical chairs" focus rests on Tony and Walker...both of whom could have chronic injuries and neither of whom has yet demonstrated a substantial reason to preserve his roster spot indefinitely while he recuperates.